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Janice Tanton Quotes

Quotes by Janice Tanton - (7 quotes)

Janice Tanton - From the Aging category:

Sometimes I misstep into something perhaps I shouldn't, but with age comes a thick, high pair of rubber boots to wade through the barnyard. We should all have to get to the dirt and 'muck out' at some point in our lives. (Janice Tanton)

Janice Tanton - From the Artists category:

Creatives are feared and ridiculed... and at the same time highly valued for their ability to see things that others do not. (Janice Tanton)

Janice Tanton - From the Humanity category:

I care about the human race, and I strive to understand it. (Janice Tanton)

Janice Tanton - From the Risk category:

I saw a great bumper sticker that read: 'Do something that scares you every day.' That really stuck with me. I try to live like that. (Janice Tanton)

Janice Tanton - From the Technique category:

There are many things one thinks about in a painting. Often, it's how to handle your chosen medium and how to best reveal the light in a three-dimensional form on a two-dimensional surface. (Janice Tanton)

Janice Tanton - From the Thought category:

Living in my head isn't fun sometimes. A kajillion thoughts are there at any one time, and the only place I find peace is at the easel. (Janice Tanton)

Janice Tanton - From the Understanding category:

I paint to understand my world and my place in it. I paint to pray, to curse, to sort, to number, to structure, to destructure, to bleed, to preserve, to recognize, to see, to hide, to show, to tell, to think, to stop thinking, to detest, to love, to act, to be still, to laugh, to cry, to detest, but mostly to love for now I am human, but in a few short years I will be something else. (Janice Tanton)