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Peggy Guichu Quotes

Quotes by Peggy Guichu - (4 quotes)

Peggy Guichu - From the Abstraction category:

With abstract art I can create in the moment. No preconceived ideas. I just put some color on the canvas and keep going. (Peggy Guichu)

Peggy Guichu - From the Importance category:

The only thing that is important to me is painting, creating, working with my hands, escaping into that other realm and expressing me at that moment. (Peggy Guichu)

Peggy Guichu - From the Travel category:

How far must we travel before we realize we are already there? (Peggy Guichu)

Peggy Guichu - From the Winning category:

Have I won awards? Yes. Is it important? Maybe. It gives me a boost of confidence, kicks in my competitive side and it's always a compliment, but as an artist I would have to say no. (Peggy Guichu)