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Christopher Pearse Cranch Quotes

Quotes by Christopher Pearse Cranch - (3 quotes)

Christopher Pearse Cranch - From the Profession category:

I become more and more inclined to sink the minister in the man, and abandon my present calling in toto as a profession... to create a living religion in landscape painting. (Christopher Pearse Cranch)

Christopher Pearse Cranch - From the Religion category:

There is Religion in this Sabbath Moon / I never found in churches. The sweet spring / Yields life and joy and blessing everywhere. / My heart is lifted in unuttered prayer / And every human rite falls cold and dead, / Dwarfed into vapid insignificance/ Before the silent smile of Nature's God. / Drearily chime the church bells from afar / While the deep wood around me is alive. (Christopher Pearse Cranch)

Christopher Pearse Cranch - From the Studio category:

But now I rejoice when, in my winter studio, I can spread out my summer studies and recall through them the beautiful season and places which gave them being. Here the painter feels how small things may suggest the greater - the drop of water, image the firmament. (Christopher Pearse Cranch)