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Stephanie Mills Quotes

Quotes by Stephanie Mills - (18 quotes)

Stephanie Mills - From the Art category:

- Epicurean Simplicity...
Be it sculpture, poetry, or narrative fraught with terrible insight... art does endure. It troubles and pleases, inspires, and reminds us that humanity is ever capable of adding to the sum of the world's grave beauty. (Stephanie Mills)

Stephanie Mills - From the Boredom category:

A person with friends need never be bored. There is always more to fathom and enjoy in the complexity of others, and always the possibility of finding a way to delight them. (Stephanie Mills)

Stephanie Mills - From the Desperation category:

Despair is not a particularly respectable condition and yet despair and delight alternate like systole and diastole in my heart. (Stephanie Mills)

Stephanie Mills - From the Eccentricity category:

- Epicurean Simplicity...
It's far too easy to qualify as an eccentric nowadays. (Stephanie Mills)

Stephanie Mills - From the Friendship category:

Friendships offer good practice in accepting the transience of experience and the persistence of feeling. (Stephanie Mills)

Stephanie Mills - From the Information category:

It may be an information age, but... It takes more work to earn more money to be overwhelmed by more information that does not equal knowledge or wisdom. (Stephanie Mills)

Stephanie Mills - From the Life category:

-Epicurean Simplicity
A life alert to simple pleasures, with perception cultivated and attuned to beauty, and a large capacity for friendship can serve us well come what may... (Stephanie Mills)

Stephanie Mills - From the Music category:

Jazz voices that unvanquishable, natural will toward creaativity and self-expression, depite everything, in the here and now. (Stephanie Mills)

Stephanie Mills - From the Prayer category:

Enjoying the least things - a chill glass of water, a moment of play with the cat, the sight of sunlight caught in the frost spangling the locust twigs - is a form of prayer. (Stephanie Mills)

Stephanie Mills - From the Responsibility category:

-Epicurean Simplicity
It's the artist's duty to have an artist's life, somehow to obtain time and freedom and then to muster the desire and discipline to make good work out of the life, whether that goodness is in the world's aesthetics, its radicalism, its candor, its singularity, or its universality. (Stephanie Mills)

Stephanie Mills - From the Seeing category:

Seeing is a gift that comes with practice. (Stephanie Mills)

Stephanie Mills - From the Solitude category:

Solitude is rich but seldom hilarious. (Stephanie Mills)

Stephanie Mills - From the Spirituality category:

-Epicurean Simplicity
My spirituality is parochial, terrestrial. I do qualify as a W.I.T.C.H. (Woman Interested in Talking to Crows and Herbs), but my irrecular practice and impromptu rituals don't aim at producing any dramatic results except, perhaps, in me. (Stephanie Mills)

Stephanie Mills - From the Time category:

Time clocks rob the world of wild possibility. That's what they're for. (Stephanie Mills)

Stephanie Mills - From the Universe category:

-Epicurean Simplicity
The impermanence of the universe is manifest, inescapable. I know that, yet I am immoderately attached to this life, these pleasures, this place. (Stephanie Mills)

Stephanie Mills - From the Unknowns category:

Given the diverse raiment life sports, one never knows what the guises of the gods may be. (Stephanie Mills)

Stephanie Mills - From the Wonder category:

Wonder is our erotic affiliation with all of life. If we develop this, enjoy it, and follow its promptings, our wants will be fewer and our needs plainer. (Stephanie Mills)

Stephanie Mills - From the Words category:

It is said that the American vocabulary has declined by half in the past few decades. It's a tragic instance of desertification following upon monocultural commodity production, the clear-cutting of written and spoken English. (Stephanie Mills)