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Bernard Poulin Quotes

Quotes by Bernard Poulin - (11 quotes)

Bernard Poulin - From the Emotion category:

Nude is so much more about feelings of freedom, and naked about the fear of seeing, being seen or being sinful. Nude is about exaltation and the greatness of the Creator, naked about guilt, anxiety and self-loathing. (Bernard Poulin)

Bernard Poulin - From the Eroticism category:

To know the difference between erotica and pornography you must first know the difference between naked and nude. (Bernard Poulin)

Bernard Poulin - From the Interest category:

There is a lot to be said about the breast-heavy, female anorexic figures which make up our contemporary interest in bodies. And most of that should be expressed on a couch. (Bernard Poulin)

Bernard Poulin - From the Models category:

People don't often get a chance to stare at each other. Sometimes the subject starts to feel like you can see inside them. They begin to tell you about themselves. It's like a confessional. It's a privilege to share someone's life like that. (Bernard Poulin)

Bernard Poulin - From the Morality category:

It is not that the nude or nudity is disturbing but that we are disturbed by it, which is revealing. (Bernard Poulin)

Bernard Poulin - From the Nudes category:

A nude which has little if any affiliation with exhibitionism, which expresses warmth and confidence and an actual story, which has little or nothing to do with contemporary angst or submissiveness or abuse or domination, would best be described as a 'who' and not a 'which' or 'what.' Sad to say that such a wondrous nude is today rarely visible, or even recognized, in the realm of the arts. (Bernard Poulin)

Bernard Poulin - From the Photography category:

Photography is not your eye. It distorts proportions and perspectives... it is only a reference point. You cannot copy the photo, it can be wrong. (Bernard Poulin)

Bernard Poulin - From the Portraiture category:

Seeing likeness in a portrait is to recognize the craftsman in the artist. Finding soul is to discover the artist in the craftsman. (Bernard Poulin)

Bernard Poulin - From the Portraiture category:

Though many request their portrait painted, what they actually crave is to have it look like a photograph, but... thinner. (Bernard Poulin)

Bernard Poulin - From the Questions category:

When you paint a nude in the nude, are you sure which one is the nude painting? (Bernard Poulin)

Bernard Poulin - From the Spectator category:

When a painting is presented for public viewing, it should be brought two steps forward while the painter takes two steps back. (Bernard Poulin)