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Bobbie Burgers Quotes

Quotes by Bobbie Burgers - (4 quotes)

Bobbie Burgers - From the Desire category:

A still life can look very traditional. A floral can look like nothing more than a rendering. But I want them to be larger than life, undeniably there, sucking you in. (Bobbie Burgers)

Bobbie Burgers - From the Optimism category:

Throughout that whole [difficult] time I painted frantically. Painting made me feel as if everything was okay and life was fine. (Bobbie Burgers)

Bobbie Burgers - From the Painting category:

Brushstroke and colour are key. The subject doesn't matter after that. (Bobbie Burgers)

Bobbie Burgers - From the Subject category:

Flowers became my focus only because I wanted a medium to express colour. It's not that I have an obsession with flowers - there just seems to be an endless variety of shape and form and colour. (Bobbie Burgers)