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Elizabeth Barton Quotes

Quotes by Elizabeth Barton - (3 quotes)

Elizabeth Barton - From the Colour category:

The term Red Shift has been used by astronomers since, early in this century, they noticed that the light spectra of distant galaxies shifted towards the red end of the spectrum. I suggest that as memories about events recede, their 'color' shifts towards the warm tones. (Elizabeth Barton)

Elizabeth Barton - From the Desire category:

I wish to explore the beauty of everyday environments; in troubled times it is especially important to be aware of beauty and wonder. (Elizabeth Barton)

Elizabeth Barton - From the Mediums category:

The quilt format is highly appropriate for repetition and serialization. Formal issues of balance and color, space and light in landscape (whether urban or rural) are endlessly engaging. I try to use the medium to its maximum, pushing well beyond tradition. (Elizabeth Barton)