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Alan Soffer Quotes

Quotes by Alan Soffer - (5 quotes)

Alan Soffer - From the Abstraction category:

Abstraction forces you to reach the highest level of the basics. (Alan Soffer)

Alan Soffer - From the Accidents category:

Accidents that might occur allow unexpected textures, surfaces, and colors to develop spontaneously from some vision frozen in our subconscious. It is the stuff that we abstract expressionists work with continually. (Alan Soffer)

Alan Soffer - From the Destiny category:

The ability to be in control of one's destiny is paramount for success in the arts. Those of us who are possessed and in quixotic pursuit of sublime visual expression don't really have a choice. (Alan Soffer)

Alan Soffer - From the Life category:

It's hard to be something you are not, and easy to be that which you are. (Alan Soffer)

Alan Soffer - From the Worry category:

Worrying about pleasing the customer may yield sales, but not necessarily better art. It is the defining issue between art and craft. Craft is directed for the client's use, which diminishes the artist's expression. (Alan Soffer)