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Pepper Hume Quotes

Quotes by Pepper Hume - (5 quotes)

Pepper Hume - From the Colour category:

I forcibly liberated my palette to one red, one blue and one yellow. Why am I amazed that I can produce pretty well all the colors I want from three primaries? (Pepper Hume)

Pepper Hume - From the Design category:

Design is the purpose of elements like composition, proportion and balance. (Pepper Hume)

Pepper Hume - From the Language category:

Language is a left-brain activity. If you're doing art, you can't think in words because you're in your right brain. (Pepper Hume)

Pepper Hume - From the Photography category:

A photo you took yourself is a tiny time machine. You know where you were standing. You hear the sounds. Best of all, you know why you took that photo. (Pepper Hume)

Pepper Hume - From the Procrastination category:

Procrastination can guard against making the wrong choice too soon. Or it could just be mental laziness. (Pepper Hume)