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Alar Jurma Quotes

Quotes by Alar Jurma - (7 quotes)

Alar Jurma - From the Artists category:

We need that metaphysical wizard, the Artist, in society to transmute what is commonplace and ordinary into a more meaningful and heightened human experience. (Alar Jurma)

Alar Jurma - From the Love category:

Love comes in three principal octaves of expression, and each octave has importance and relevance to an artist - physical love, aesthetic love, and divine love. (Alar Jurma)

Alar Jurma - From the Painting category:

The process of painting seems to be one of 'reduction' and 'simplification' as we try to get to the pure essence of the feeling, which is evoked by what we see. And to pull it off properly requires a well-honed or 'subtle' intellect, which each one of us has to struggle with in our work to achieve. (Alar Jurma)

Alar Jurma - From the Questions category:

What is it about certain paintings that transport us to that sweet spot at the core of our inner being? (Alar Jurma)

Alar Jurma - From the Selling category:

It's a lot easier and probably more productive to try and sell organic vegetables from an organic grocery store than from a hardware store. (Alar Jurma)

Alar Jurma - From the Spirituality category:

From the highest, or yogic, point of view, the Seer and Seen are one and the same being, existing as our pure awareness. If that is true, then nothing is hidden from us. (Alar Jurma)

Alar Jurma - From the Writing category:

Just when I thought my writing career was over... I had another thought! (Alar Jurma)