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A. Wayne Hooker Quotes

Quotes by A. Wayne Hooker - (3 quotes)

A. Wayne Hooker - From the Freedom category:

You are the creator; give your art the freedom to choose its path. Pay attention, you will see this path. Pay attention, your art will speak to you. Pay attention, and your art will speak to others. (A. Wayne Hooker)

A. Wayne Hooker - From the Importance category:

In this insane world, presentation seems more important than content, the frame more important that the painting. Better we were all blind, then we would have to feel our way! And few of us would trip over that urinal on the floor. (A. Wayne Hooker)

A. Wayne Hooker - From the Sculpture category:

Metal is somewhat forgiving, stone is not. With stone, my exploration is done through drawings and time, lots of time studying the rock. Even with that, the rock will often reveal its hidden self, exert its will, change my direction, sometimes in a surprising discovery. These are "ah ha" moments. (A. Wayne Hooker)