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Valerie Norberry Quotes

Quotes by Valerie Norberry - (4 quotes)

Valerie Norberry - From the Boredom category:

It's a sin to be boring. (Valerie Norberry)

Valerie Norberry - From the Health category:

It's okay to be A.D.D., just don't be D.O.A. (Valerie Norberry)

Valerie Norberry - From the Pets category:

My cats both did some art last week. I was doing a watercolor of a goldfish pond... both cats decided to take a shortcut across my table that the painting was drying on. Hence a few green clouds and some green paws... (Valerie Norberry)

Valerie Norberry - From the Pricing category:

So... let's see, to price a piece, divide square root of Phi times the size of the canvas in length and width, kind of like this: 11 x 14 x Phi x 2X = price. Yes? No? (Valerie Norberry)