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Tiit Raid Quotes

Quotes by Tiit Raid - (4 quotes)

Tiit Raid - From the Observation category:

Developing better and more accurate observational skills is essential for everybody and every profession. Basically, If you can't observe accurately, you can't think accurately. (Tiit Raid)

Tiit Raid - From the Seeing category:

The visual world has its own built-in aesthetics. Everything is visually in balance and harmony and in place. To see it takes time and a separation from our preconceptions of order and beauty. (Tiit Raid)

Tiit Raid - From the Signatures category:

If not having a signature reduces sales, perhaps something other than quality work is involved. (Tiit Raid)

Tiit Raid - From the Words category:

Since we know what things are and we have words which name the things we observe, this actually prevents us from looking longer and more completely... to see the appearance of the visual world. (Tiit Raid)