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Daniel E. Greene Quotes

Quotes by Daniel E. Greene - (4 quotes)

Daniel E. Greene - From the Abstraction category:

There isn't any method of improvement inherent in abstract painting. There is no challenge. (Daniel E. Greene)

Daniel E. Greene - From the Collectors category:

If possible, the new collector should take some classes in painting. This is to find out what the fundamentals are, so that they can be recognized in works that catch the eye. (Daniel E. Greene)

Daniel E. Greene - From the Perspective category:

Even in certain kinds of impressionism, one can more or less imply perspective, but when you paint realistically, perspective has to be perfect. (Daniel E. Greene)

Daniel E. Greene - From the Portraiture category:

The likeness has a great deal more to do with proportions of length than it does with drawing a perfect nose, a perfect eye, or a perfect mouth. (Daniel E. Greene)