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Jeffrey Hessing Quotes

Quotes by Jeffrey Hessing - (3 quotes)

Jeffrey Hessing - From the Adventure category:

Using the conscious mind is simple. That's what it is there for. Accessing the deeper levels is the real adventure and where great art begins to take form. It is like the journey to the center of the earth. (Jeffrey Hessing)

Jeffrey Hessing - From the Greatness category:

Great art has no nationality. We know that Goya was Spanish, Da Vinci was Italian, and Rembrandt was Dutch. But we don't think of them first as the Dutch painter or the Spanish painter anymore than Picasso or Matisse... Chagal and Soutine were Russian but lived in France. DeKooning was Dutch and came to NY in his forties. Who cares? They transcend their origins. (Jeffrey Hessing)

Jeffrey Hessing - From the Searching category:

Work that is most notable for its newness grows old quickly. We are searching for something timeless rather than timely. (Jeffrey Hessing)