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Nikki Coulombe Quotes

Quotes by Nikki Coulombe - (7 quotes)

Nikki Coulombe - From the Application category:

Time spent not applying material to a work of art is as important as applying it... kind of like music, where the pleasant order of a composition is only due to the calculated silence between the audible rhythms. (Nikki Coulombe)

Nikki Coulombe - From the Confidence category:

Inevitably, confidence comes from questioning, reevaluation and revision, which includes not only practice of our craft, but talking about it and writing about it. (Nikki Coulombe)

Nikki Coulombe - From the Creativity category:

Creativity is a mindset, an attitude. Regardless of how we feel - low or high or in between - creativity is always there. (Nikki Coulombe)

Nikki Coulombe - From the Language category:

Galleries and potential clients expect us to know what we're talking about. Even though our first language is visual... Knowing a few technical terms to describe our work is essential. (Nikki Coulombe)

Nikki Coulombe - From the Production category:

We are product-oriented thinkers, and sometimes that gets in our way of allowing ourselves to have space and time to be silent. (Nikki Coulombe)

Nikki Coulombe - From the Signatures category:

Signing to bring attention to a certain part of the composition can draw viewers in - or throw them out! Depending on the painting's style or subject, a signature hidden among the objects can become part of the interest of the whole, inviting the viewer to find it. (Nikki Coulombe)

Nikki Coulombe - From the Words category:

Reflecting on and translating each experience into words helps us to become more aware, learn and grow. (Nikki Coulombe)