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Sheila Psaledas Quotes

Quotes by Sheila Psaledas - (4 quotes)

Sheila Psaledas - From the Strength category:

I am always seeking new ways to express myself... It takes that 'slipping the collar of convention' to make a stronger statement... (Sheila Psaledas)

Sheila Psaledas - From the Time category:

Anyone who has spent hours painting with intense focus suddenly realizes that hours have passed, and it may have only seemed like minutes. Time does not exist in the altered state. It is the soul, singing. (Sheila Psaledas)

Sheila Psaledas - From the Titles category:

I sometimes change a title because I never liked the title I arrived at to begin with. (Sheila Psaledas)

Sheila Psaledas - From the Truth category:

Be true to yourself! Otherwise we are simply prostituting ourselves to please the public. (Sheila Psaledas)