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Mark Schlesinger Quotes

Quotes by Mark Schlesinger - (5 quotes)

Mark Schlesinger - From the Application category:

My paint isn't anonymously handled. I'm not trying to paint with enormous bravura, but I'm also not trying to paint completely flat. (Mark Schlesinger)

Mark Schlesinger - From the Doubt category:

I always doubt my paintings can hold together. I'm trying to get to the point where they carry the sense of doubt that is one of the most engaging things about painting. (Mark Schlesinger)

Mark Schlesinger - From the Materials category:

I work hard at mixing colors, at applying the paint, at feeling the brush. That's my material. And I have a responsibility to do it as clearly as possible. (Mark Schlesinger)

Mark Schlesinger - From the Renewal category:

As the human being feels the paint, new shapes can be created, new colors, new emotions. (Mark Schlesinger)

Mark Schlesinger - From the Senses category:

My paintings can be smelled, looked at, touched, tasted. I want that sensuousness. (Mark Schlesinger)