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Louisa McElwain Quotes

Quotes by Louisa McElwain - (3 quotes)

Louisa McElwain - From the Mysteries category:

Gesture! The paint thrills the canvas; an idea is born! I have become the wind and the wind-borne cloud. I am embraced by the divine mysteries. (Louisa McElwain)

Louisa McElwain - From the Nature category:

What name for this object, made in a dance? Beyond place, it is the landscape of my soul, conceived in the spirit of music, born on canvas in the medium of paint to give voice and form to a meditation in the realm of Nature. (Louisa McElwain)

Louisa McElwain - From the Plein-Air category:

The act of painting outdoors is like a dance to the tempo of the evolving day, following the lead of the wind, impelled by the measured meter of shadows moving in their eternal celestial rhythms. (Louisa McElwain)