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Sidney Hermel Quotes

Quotes by Sidney Hermel - (9 quotes)

Sidney Hermel - From the Application category:

First, I want to keep my initial applications of pigment fairly light and sketchy to permit corrections of the drawing and composition. (Sidney Hermel)

Sidney Hermel - From the Design category:

Working in a studio environment with a still life, portrait or figure gives you a great deal of control in the design. You can carefully plan the position and movement of the subject, adding and subtracting elements as needed. (Sidney Hermel)

Sidney Hermel - From the Emotion category:

Once we artists have completed all of our formal art training and mastered our skills in drawing, composition, color and the rest of the technical foundation needed for creating good art, it is then important to look inward... we must paint what we feel. (Sidney Hermel)

Sidney Hermel - From the Exhibitions category:

When we artists put a painting on the wall at an exhibition, we bare our souls... At that time, everyone becomes a critic. (Sidney Hermel)

Sidney Hermel - From the Nature category:

The sun stands still for no one, constantly changing shadows, lighting and the general atmosphere... You have little time to meditate and contemplate your subject... you must quickly decide your course of action, and with verve and emotion, capture the essence of your subject. (Sidney Hermel)

Sidney Hermel - From the Pastels category:

One of the great advantages of working in pastel is that the medium allows the artist to address both value and color simultaneously... value, depending on the degree of pressure used in its applications. (Sidney Hermel)

Sidney Hermel - From the Strategy category:

Have a strategy for tackling design, value patterns and color harmony, a plan that leads to a painting which is modern, but has its roots in the art of the past. (Sidney Hermel)

Sidney Hermel - From the Subject category:

Even the most mundane subject can be the starting point for a great painting... your function – and challenge – is to use your training and creative talent to modify that subject through clever design and expressive color into a painting that entertains the viewer within the parameters of its frame. (Sidney Hermel)

Sidney Hermel - From the Symbols category:

The urban environment is chock-full of... symbols – street signs, lights, arrows, figures and trees... They provide a distinctive sparkle and reality to cityscapes. (Sidney Hermel)