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Pat Conroy Quotes

Quotes by Pat Conroy - (12 quotes)

Pat Conroy - From the Commerce category:

Those wishing to be successful in the market can't ignore the boomer numbers, the wealth and spending power they have. (Pat Conroy)

Pat Conroy - From the Eccentricity category:

I've always found paranoia to be a perfectly defensible position. (Pat Conroy)

Pat Conroy - From the Fantasy category:

Fantasy is one of the soul's brighter porcelains. (Pat Conroy)

Pat Conroy - From the Fashion category:

I was born into the century in which novels lost their stories, poems their rhymes, paintings their form, and music its beauty, but that does not mean I have to like that trend or go along with it. (Pat Conroy)

Pat Conroy - From the Happiness category:

I don't know why it is that I have always been happier thinking of somewhere I have been or wanted to go, than where I am at the time. I find it difficult to be happy in the present. (Pat Conroy)

Pat Conroy - From the Humanity category:

No story is a straight line. The geometry of a human life is too imperfect and complex, too distorted by the laughter of time and the bewildering intricacies of fate to admit the straight line into its system of laws. (Pat Conroy)

Pat Conroy - From the Memory category:

-Beach Music
I could bear the memory, but I could not bear the music that made the memory such a killing thing. (Pat Conroy)

Pat Conroy - From the Music category:

Without music, life is a journey through a desert. (Pat Conroy)

Pat Conroy - From the Revelation category:

From the very beginning, I wrote to explain my own life to myself, and I invited any readers who chose to make the journey with me to join me on the high wire. (Pat Conroy)

Pat Conroy - From the Risk category:

Some things don't mix. Some things don't mix at all, but sometimes in life you have to take the risk. (Pat Conroy)

Pat Conroy - From the Travel category:

-The Prince of Tides
Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers, that the mind can never break off from the journey. (Pat Conroy)

Pat Conroy - From the Writing category:

One of the greatest gifts you can get as a writer is to be born into an unhappy family. (Pat Conroy)