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Asher B. Durand Quotes

Quotes by Asher B. Durand - (5 quotes)

Asher B. Durand - From the Application category:

The less apparent the means and manner of the artist, the more directly will his work appeal to the understanding and the feelings. (Asher B. Durand)

Asher B. Durand - From the Colour category:

All the best artists have shown that the greatest achievement in the production of fine color is the concealment of pigments, and not the parade of them; and we may say the same of execution. (Asher B. Durand)

Asher B. Durand - From the Money category:

I would sooner look for figs on thistles than for the higher attributes of art from one whose ruling motive... is money. (Asher B. Durand)

Asher B. Durand - From the Plein-Air category:

Waste not your time on broad sketches in color. (Asher B. Durand)

Asher B. Durand - From the Revelation category:

The external appearance of this our dwelling place, apart from its wondrous structure and functions that minister to our well-being, is fraught with lessons of high and holy meaning, only surpassed by the light of Revelation. (Asher B. Durand)