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Amanda Hyatt Quotes

Quotes by Amanda Hyatt - (4 quotes)

Amanda Hyatt - From the Abstraction category:

Abstract paintings are often misunderstood but they work if they have balance. (Amanda Hyatt)

Amanda Hyatt - From the Complaining category:

People often complain of making 'mud'... You can mix as many colours as you like on the palette, but put it on 'right the first time.' (Amanda Hyatt)

Amanda Hyatt - From the Inspiration category:

What inspires me to paint? ...revisiting some old greats like Sargent, Homer, Whistler or local masters... thinking hard about a new approach or idea; or seeing a new painting on a friend's lounge room wall. (Amanda Hyatt)

Amanda Hyatt - From the Originality category:

If you want to create an original piece of art, your paintings should suit your temperament and be true to you. (Amanda Hyatt)