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Rene Seigh Quotes

Quotes by Rene Seigh - (3 quotes)

Rene Seigh - From the Anxiety category:

Anxiety is a normal fight or flight reaction... Becoming aware of the messages we give ourselves and replacing them with positive affirmations is critical. You can't just tell yourself not to worry or not to think negatively. (Rene Seigh)

Rene Seigh - From the Health category:

Meditation, progressive relaxation and visualization exercises, as well as physical exercise and yoga or similar practices can help relieve anxiety and release the creative energy. And don't forget to eat nutritiously and get enough sleep. (Rene Seigh)

Rene Seigh - From the Play category:

By allowing my creative spirit to play, I honor the authentic 'me' and stay sane in the process. (Rene Seigh)