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Jeffrey J. Watkins Quotes

Quotes by Jeffrey J. Watkins - (4 quotes)

Jeffrey J. Watkins - From the Art category:

Art portrays the war between what makes us human and what makes us divine. (Jeffrey J. Watkins)

Jeffrey J. Watkins - From the Artists category:

Art comes to us as simply as a common bird perches on a window sill or a tree branch or any other place, then flies away. (Jeffrey J. Watkins)

Jeffrey J. Watkins - From the Searching category:

Some capture the tune and pursue music; others may find the marvel of physics or flight, and start a career in search of answers; some, like poets, see into the eye of the bird and get a glimpse of the tiny heartbeat within its breast that for a moment makes time stand still. (Jeffrey J. Watkins)

Jeffrey J. Watkins - From the Watercolours category:

Watercolor offers us, as artists, an inspired approach to the age-old process of making paintings sing. (Jeffrey J. Watkins)