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Doug Mays Quotes

Quotes by Doug Mays - (7 quotes)

Doug Mays - From the Acrylics category:

I find it important to periodically toil over an acrylic to remind me how much I love the spontaneity and playfulness of watercolour. (Doug Mays)

Doug Mays - From the Artists category:

Invariably, at some point in his/her art career, an artist finds himself/herself on top of the Tower of Babel, alone, misunderstood but still free. (Doug Mays)

Doug Mays - From the Composition category:

Realtors preach - 'Location, Location, Location,' while artists should preach - 'Composition, Composition, Composition.' (Doug Mays)

Doug Mays - From the Happiness category:

Painting a watercolour allows me to pursue happiness. (Doug Mays)

Doug Mays - From the Signatures category:

Paint it, sign it, frame it, sell it. (Doug Mays)

Doug Mays - From the Spontaneity category:

If one has to think about the next brush stroke, then the train to spontaneity has been missed. (Doug Mays)

Doug Mays - From the Watercolours category:

Where oils lumber... watercolours prance. (Doug Mays)