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Jeanne Dobie Quotes

Quotes by Jeanne Dobie - (5 quotes)

Jeanne Dobie - From the Beginning category:

Don't hesitate to paint intense color from the start. It is far easier to subdue a color later than to make a weak lifeless area come alive again. (Jeanne Dobie)

Jeanne Dobie - From the Colour category:

Missing in a painting of compatible color are exciting interactions. (Jeanne Dobie)

Jeanne Dobie - From the Light category:

Shadows play an integral role in letting sunlight permeate the scene. They provide a 'setting' that compliments the sun-kissed lights. Often, shadows will have a golden tint, or even a rosy red color that conveys a unique atmospheric glow. (Jeanne Dobie)

Jeanne Dobie - From the Plein-Air category:

When I'm painting on location, I've found that unique lighting effects change quickly, and this led me to my greatest painting lesson: Grab the essence of the scene first!... for a sunlit effect, the part that I find most appealing is the light bounce. (Jeanne Dobie)

Jeanne Dobie - From the Vision category:

Although an image is clearly visible to the eye, it takes the mind to develop it into a rich, tangible brilliance, into an outstanding painting. (Jeanne Dobie)