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Odette Nicholson Quotes

Quotes by Odette Nicholson - (4 quotes)

Odette Nicholson - From the Anxiety category:

The mind can't be happy if the body isn't. Work anxiety can be rooted in physical imbalance in the support mechanisms of the artistic nerve centre [lack of exercise]. Everything is interrelated; ignore one aspect at the peril of the other. (Odette Nicholson)

Odette Nicholson - From the Copying category:

Copying or cloning is not valid because it misses the whole point of art making. (Odette Nicholson)

Odette Nicholson - From the Questions category:

The question, 'Where to do you get your ideas from?' has always rubbed me the wrong way. (Odette Nicholson)

Odette Nicholson - From the Signatures category:

I find words, letters, numbers, dates and signatures distracting... and juror selections are swayed by knowing who's work they are seeing. As for dealers, it's their job to 'inform' their clients of who's who and what's what. (Odette Nicholson)