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Barry John Raybould Quotes

Quotes by Barry John Raybould - (7 quotes)

Barry John Raybould - From the Abstraction category:

Strong abstract design is created with rhythms and harmonies in shapes, lines, edges, and colors and is analogous to the rhythms in music and the harmonies between individual notes. This aspect of the painting is completely independent of the subject matter. (Barry John Raybould)

Barry John Raybould - From the Communication category:

Master paintings accurately represent a subject and are focused on communicating an idea or emotion. I refer to this aspect of a great painting as the 'poetry' of a painting, or the content the artist is trying to convey to viewers. When you look at a master painting, you are moved in some way, and the memory of it stays with you. (Barry John Raybould)

Barry John Raybould - From the Keys category:

One of the keys to capturing iridescent light shimmering through fog, and getting these colors correct, is to avoid making the shadow color either too gray or too saturated. William Ritschel (1864-1949) was a master of painting that light with a high degree of both poetry and music... (Barry John Raybould)

Barry John Raybould - From the Masters category:

A purely abstract painting has music but little or no poetry. A painting that is merely illustrative has poetry but not music... Great masterpieces integrate both music and poetry. (Barry John Raybould)

Barry John Raybould - From the Repetition category:

A master painting has multiple repeating threads running through it. These hold the painting together and unify it in much the same way a great symphony is tied together by a repeated main theme. Variety in these repeated elements, as in music, adds interest to the painting. Repetition, variety, unity, harmony are characteristics of all great symphonies and of all great paintings. (Barry John Raybould)

Barry John Raybould - From the Texture category:

interesting brushwork creates the kind of music that you can only see close up, a key element of a great master. Velasquez and Titian both realized this a long time ago, and set artists down a path that led to master works by great artists such as Sargent and Sorolla. (Barry John Raybould)

Barry John Raybould - From the Values category:

Many of the most powerful paintings have the simplest value structures. That is to say, they only use two, three, or four major values. (Barry John Raybould)