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Don McLean Quotes

Quotes by Don McLean - (5 quotes)

Don McLean - From the Fame category:

The kids today all seem to think they should be stars, but I wasn't brought up that way. (Don McLean)

Don McLean - From the Gratitude category:

I'm glad that my music has helped other people as it's helped me. It makes me glad that I did what I did with my life. (Don McLean)

Don McLean - From the Music category:

People ask me if I left the lyrics open to ambiguity. Of course I did. I wanted to make a whole series of complex statements. The lyrics had to do with the state of society at the time. (Don McLean)

Don McLean - From the Profession category:

I got my first guitar when I was 16. I'd play for my family and friends, but taking that guitar out there into the wide, wide world wasn't something I ever thought about. (Don McLean)

Don McLean - From the Understanding category:

Now I understand / What you tried to say to me / And how you suffered for your sanity / And how you tried to set them free / They would not listen, they did not know how / Perhaps they'll listen now. (Don McLean)