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Wanda Koop Quotes

Quotes by Wanda Koop - (11 quotes)

Wanda Koop - From the Desire category:

I have a voracious appetite for images I can translate. (Wanda Koop)

Wanda Koop - From the Energy category:

I wish I felt energetic and could paint all the time, because there are so many paintings I'd like to do. (Wanda Koop)

Wanda Koop - From the Interest category:

I'm very interested in how colour and shape are perceived. (Wanda Koop)

Wanda Koop - From the Light category:

The light in the North is constantly a thrill for me... (Wanda Koop)

Wanda Koop - From the Painting category:

For the surface, I'm not interested in painterly convention. It's more interesting if it looks like it painted itself. (Wanda Koop)

Wanda Koop - From the Photography category:

As a painter, taking photos is a form of shorthand - note-taking. (Wanda Koop)

Wanda Koop - From the Solitude category:

It can be frightening to spend 5 weeks alone in a cabin in the wilderness. I was able to collect my thoughts and worked a lot - because I couldn't do anything else. (Wanda Koop)

Wanda Koop - From the Subject category:

I paint bridges because they're in transition; you're coming or going, you're not anywhere - full of possibility. (Wanda Koop)

Wanda Koop - From the Time category:

There's an assumption that because I'm an artist, I've got all the time in the world. (Wanda Koop)

Wanda Koop - From the Travel category:

Going on the ship felt like 100 years or one day. Timeless. Beautiful vertigo. It will continue to show up in my work. (Wanda Koop)

Wanda Koop - From the Vulnerability category:

When I start doing a body of work I feel vulnerable, fearful. If I stopped trusting the process, I would stop doing art. (Wanda Koop)