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Vicki Easingwood Quotes

Quotes by Vicki Easingwood - (5 quotes)

Vicki Easingwood - From the Anticipation category:

An artist is alone with his/her art, but the art comes in huge multiplicity, and an almost promiscuous sense of what's next. The process is the fun; the product is only a possibility. (Vicki Easingwood)

Vicki Easingwood - From the Contrasts category:

There's a profound effect of black line against washes of colour. (Vicki Easingwood)

Vicki Easingwood - From the Loneliness category:

I am alone almost all of the time, but I am rarely lonely... it is those days where I do not paint or write or create something, that I am lonely, when I've generally been too busy with people of unlike mind and interests... (Vicki Easingwood)

Vicki Easingwood - From the Nature category:

The warmth of the sun, the cooling aspect of the breeze, the smell of salt from the ocean... It's heaven on earth to have these comforting embraces of nature that simply plead to be released on canvas. (Vicki Easingwood)

Vicki Easingwood - From the Writing category:

Just like painting, writing starts with a blank white canvas or page. It is what we bring to it that makes for beauty and pleasure. (Vicki Easingwood)