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Kristi Bridgeman Quotes

Quotes by Kristi Bridgeman - (7 quotes)

Kristi Bridgeman - From the Art category:

The creative relationship with basic human archetypes can be communicated through art to human perception. (Kristi Bridgeman)

Kristi Bridgeman - From the Earth category:

This earth is our temple. We would be wise to honour and protect it. (Kristi Bridgeman)

Kristi Bridgeman - From the Finishing category:

Living in a left to right reading society leaves my 'finishes' in the right corner, particularly as I use smudgy calligraphy ink and am right-handed. (Kristi Bridgeman)

Kristi Bridgeman - From the Materials category:

I don't want to encourage the production of toxic materials if I can find alternatives. (Kristi Bridgeman)

Kristi Bridgeman - From the Pattern category:

We artists have been affected by patterns in nature since day one. Every line we lay to paper and every move we make is part of the magical sequence - and the line goes where it needs to go depending on one's influences. (Kristi Bridgeman)

Kristi Bridgeman - From the Pets category:

It's particularly hard for us artists to lose a pet when we are home with them so much. (Kristi Bridgeman)

Kristi Bridgeman - From the Talent category:

Taking credit for talent that is inherited gives us nothing very tangible to take the credit for, even though some pieces require a 'degree' in sweat and tears. (Kristi Bridgeman)