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Bruce Cockburn Quotes

Quotes by Bruce Cockburn - (6 quotes)

Bruce Cockburn - From the Artists category:

The invitation for artists to compete to see who can be the most charitable is a wonderful thing. (Bruce Cockburn)

Bruce Cockburn - From the Journey category:

I wear my shadows where they're harder to see, but they follow me everywhere. I guess that should tell me I'm travelling toward light. (Bruce Cockburn)

Bruce Cockburn - From the Mediocrity category:

The trouble with normal is it always gets worse. (Bruce Cockburn)

Bruce Cockburn - From the Profession category:

All I ever thought was, 'I'm going to do this as long as I can, and if I can't get paid at it, I'll be a bum doing it.' And so, here I am. (Bruce Cockburn)

Bruce Cockburn - From the Struggle category:

-Lovers in a Dangerous Time...
But nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight -- / Got to kick at the darkness 'til it bleeds daylight. (Bruce Cockburn)

Bruce Cockburn - From the Wonder category:

I'm wondering where the lions are... (Bruce Cockburn)