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Jacques Vesery Quotes

Quotes by Jacques Vesery - (5 quotes)

Jacques Vesery - From the Colour category:

My favorite color is a soft shade of 'Outright Totality,' but often I am lured by hues of 'Habitat' or a stunning tone of 'Subconscious.' (Jacques Vesery)

Jacques Vesery - From the Discovery category:

There is artistic, sculptural beauty in utility when form, proportions and function become one... only then can utility be both craft and art. (Jacques Vesery)

Jacques Vesery - From the Environment category:

It is human nature to be inspired by our surroundings. Sights, sounds, the sheer air we breathe, can affect many an artist, coming from both conscious and unconscious sources. (Jacques Vesery)

Jacques Vesery - From the Plagiarism category:

Plagiarism brings on bad karma and may lead to reincarnation as a bad piece of art or, worse, a bad politician. (Jacques Vesery)

Jacques Vesery - From the Spirituality category:

It's not about what it is made of nor how it is made, it's about inspiration of function that renders the soul which makes craft 'art.' Craft is based on functionality and spirituality is the basis of art. (Jacques Vesery)