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Sam Keen Quotes

Quotes by Sam Keen - (10 quotes)

Sam Keen - From the Aging category:

Today I honor the boy, knowing that he knew far more about manhood than he thought he knew. (Sam Keen)

Sam Keen - From the Chaos category:

Today is all chaos and creativity. As the sign down at the local Chevron station says, 'If you aren't harried, worried, and a little bit nuts you don't understand what's going on around here.' Nobody can predict the shape of tomorrow's world. (Sam Keen)

Sam Keen - From the Exhaustion category:

Burnout is nature's way of telling you, you've been going through the motions, your soul has departed, you're a zombie, a member of the walking dead, a sleepwalker. False optimism is like administrating stimulants to an exhausted nervous system. (Sam Keen)

Sam Keen - From the Fire category:

A man must go on a quest / to discover the sacred fire / in the sanctuary of his own belly / to ignite the flame in his heart / to fuel the blaze in the hearth / to rekindle his ardor for the earth (Sam Keen)

Sam Keen - From the Gender category:

Freud articulated the standard opinion when he asked with supposed seriousness, 'What does a woman want?'... Today the question that is the yeast in the social dough is, 'What do men want?' (Sam Keen)

Sam Keen - From the Life category:

You can know what's in your life when you know what's in your heart. (Sam Keen)

Sam Keen - From the Perfection category:

We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly. (Sam Keen)

Sam Keen - From the Profession category:

A society in which vocation and job are separated for most people gradually creates an economy that is often devoid of spirit, one that frequently fills our pocketbooks at the cost of emptying our souls. (Sam Keen)

Sam Keen - From the Relaxation category:

Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability. (Sam Keen)

Sam Keen - From the Searching category:

To be on a quest is nothing more or less than to become an asker of questions. (Sam Keen)