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Benvenuto Cellini Quotes

Quotes by Benvenuto Cellini - (3 quotes)

Benvenuto Cellini - From the Sculpture category:

All works of nature created by God in heaven and on earth are works of sculpture. (Benvenuto Cellini)

Benvenuto Cellini - From the Sculpture category:

I say that the art of sculpture is eight times as great as any other art based on drawing, because a statue has eight views and they must all be equally good. (Benvenuto Cellini)

Benvenuto Cellini - From the Survival category:

-b.1500 d.1571...
The plague had by this time almost died out, so that the survivors, when they met together alive, rejoiced with much delight in one another's company. This led to the formation of a club of painters, sculptors and goldsmiths, the best that were in Rome. (Benvenuto Cellini)