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Roger Scruton Quotes

Quotes by Roger Scruton - (15 quotes)

Roger Scruton - From the Architecture category:

If you consider only utility, the things you build will soon be useless... nobody wants to be in it. (Roger Scruton)

Roger Scruton - From the Art category:

Art once made a cult of beauty. Now we have a cult of ugliness instead. This has made art into an elaborate joke, one which by now has ceased to be funny. (Roger Scruton)

Roger Scruton - From the Beauty category:

Beauty matters. It is not just a subjective thing but a universal need of human beings. If we ignore this need we find ourselves in a spiritual desert. (Roger Scruton)

Roger Scruton - From the Creativity category:

Creativity is not enough... the skill of the true artist is to show the real in the light of the ideal and so transfigure it. (Roger Scruton)

Roger Scruton - From the Education category:

The art establishment has turned away from the old curriculum which puts beauty and craft at the top of the agenda. (Roger Scruton)

Roger Scruton - From the Innocence category:

Something of the child's pure delight in creation survives in every true work of art. (Roger Scruton)

Roger Scruton - From the Life category:

Art and music shine a light of meaning on ordinary life, and through them we are able to confront the things that trouble us and to find consolation and peace in their presence. (Roger Scruton)

Roger Scruton - From the Music category:

-on Giovanni Battista Pergolesi...
The music takes over the words and makes them speak to me in another language. (Roger Scruton)

Roger Scruton - From the Production category:

Nothing is more useful than the useless. (Roger Scruton)

Roger Scruton - From the Purpose category:

Through the pursuit of beauty we shape the world as a home, and in doing so we both amplify our joys and find consolation for our sorrows. (Roger Scruton)

Roger Scruton - From the Religion category:

In the absence of organized religion, the only vehicle for redemption is art – not just the fragmentary arts of painting or music or poetry, but the kind of art that creates a whole world in itself and in that world we see ourselves reflected and see our religious life perfected. (Roger Scruton)

Roger Scruton - From the Selling category:

Like adverts, today's works of art aim to create a brand, even if they have no product to sell except themselves. (Roger Scruton)

Roger Scruton - From the Shock category:

Sometimes the intention is to shock us. But what is shocking first time around is boring and vacuous when repeated. (Roger Scruton)

Roger Scruton - From the Survival category:

Art has the ability to redeem life by finding beauty even in the worst aspect of things. (Roger Scruton)

Roger Scruton - From the Taste category:

In our democratic culture people often think it is threatening to judge another person's taste. Some are even offended by the suggestion that there is a difference between good and bad taste, or that it matters what you look at or read or listen to. (Roger Scruton)