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Dean Keith Simonton Quotes

Quotes by Dean Keith Simonton - (5 quotes)

Dean Keith Simonton - From the Beginning category:

Periods when a creative makes the most attempts will be when the most hits and misses appear. (Dean Keith Simonton)

Dean Keith Simonton - From the Fear category:

In skydiving, it is the fear response that gradually weakens. During the precipitous descent, the amply tested parachutist can savor the thrill rather than endure the panic. (Dean Keith Simonton)

Dean Keith Simonton - From the Genius category:

Geniuses are those who have the intelligence, enthusiasm, and endurance to acquire the needed expertise in a broadly valued domain of achievement and who then make contributions to that field that are considered by peers to be both original and highly exemplary. (Dean Keith Simonton)

Dean Keith Simonton - From the Production category:

Empirical research on hundreds, even thousands of artists and scientists has established that quality is a positive but probabilistic consequence of quantity. (Dean Keith Simonton)

Dean Keith Simonton - From the Quality category:

Empirical research has shown that quality tends to be the consequence of quantity when it comes to creativity... Those who produce more masterworks also produce more rubbish. (Dean Keith Simonton)