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Kiki Smith Quotes

Quotes by Kiki Smith - (10 quotes)

Kiki Smith - From the Aging category:

My work life makes much less sense now than 20 years ago. It's Humpty-Dumpty-like in a way; I can't put the pieces back together. (Kiki Smith)

Kiki Smith - From the Collaboration category:

I trust my work. It's a collaboration with the material, and when it's viewed, it's a collaboration with the world. (Kiki Smith)

Kiki Smith - From the Determination category:

If you stick to your work it will take care of you somehow. (Kiki Smith)

Kiki Smith - From the Energy category:

Making art is a lot about just seeing what happens if you put some energy into something. (Kiki Smith)

Kiki Smith - From the Expectation category:

Some people think or expect that you should make the same kinds of art forever because it creates a convenient narrative... I want my work to embody my inherent contradictions. (Kiki Smith)

Kiki Smith - From the Fun category:

It's fun, in a way, to explore what's risky in one's life. (Kiki Smith)

Kiki Smith - From the Gender category:

Our culture seems to believe that it's entertaining to teach women to be frightened. (Kiki Smith)

Kiki Smith - From the Life category:

The hardest thing is remembering that you have some complicity in the things that happen to you in your life. (Kiki Smith)

Kiki Smith - From the Love category:

I told the students [at Yale] we were going to talk about love - I meant love in the sense of devotions to one's work - and about half the students got really pissed off. (Kiki Smith)

Kiki Smith - From the Space category:

One hopes that each piece contains enough space for several narratives. (Kiki Smith)