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John Russell Quotes

Quotes by John Russell - (7 quotes)

John Russell - From the Aging category:

-on Matisse's paper cutouts...
Though produced by a very old man who was mortally ill, they seem to come from the springtime of the world. (John Russell)

John Russell - From the Audience category:

What makes people the world over stand in line for Van Gogh is not that they will see beautiful pictures [but] that in an indefinable way they will come away feeling better human beings. And that is exactly what Van Gogh hoped for. (John Russell)

John Russell - From the Critics category:

Never to go overboard for an unknown artist is a sign of bad character in a critic. (John Russell)

John Russell - From the Greatness category:

We incline to think that a great painting is like an earthquake – something that makes itself felt at once and over a wide area – whereas it could be better likened to a murder or an act of love: a private episode that may be discovered 20 years later or not at all. (John Russell)

John Russell - From the Humanity category:

The human body could be the measure of all things, for... in terms of head, shoulder, breast, pelvis, thigh, elbow and knee... the imagination is free to roam across a vast repertory of connotations in myth and symbol. (John Russell)

John Russell - From the Imagination category:

-on Marc Chagall...
Objects rarely if ever bore their natural hues: cows were likely to be blue, horses green, people red, in a world without gravity. (John Russell)

John Russell - From the Wisdom category:

A proverb is one man's wit and all men's wisdom. (John Russell)