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Lynda Lehmann Quotes

Quotes by Lynda Lehmann - (6 quotes)

Lynda Lehmann - From the Complaining category:

Make art, not strife. (Lynda Lehmann)

Lynda Lehmann - From the Form category:

'Scenes' are temporary; form is eternal. (Lynda Lehmann)

Lynda Lehmann - From the Hope category:

The world becomes fresh and hopeful and new, when we create. (Lynda Lehmann)

Lynda Lehmann - From the Power category:

Art gives us power. I see it as power over ourselves – over our energy, perception and motivational systems. (Lynda Lehmann)

Lynda Lehmann - From the Realism category:

I would rather create something that does not exist than pay homage to all the constraints of time, place, moment and specificity that realism dictates. (Lynda Lehmann)

Lynda Lehmann - From the Texture category:

Texture is the most enduring and ubiquitous underpinning of form... certainly a calming, meditative and appealing world for both the eye and mind. (Lynda Lehmann)