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Todd Reifers Quotes

Quotes by Todd Reifers - (5 quotes)

Todd Reifers - From the Aging category:

The neat thing about art is there is no end to it. I can do this when I'm 95. As long as I have a hand that will move and a brain that will work, I can keep painting. (Todd Reifers)

Todd Reifers - From the Growth category:

I have the utmost respect for artists who embrace change in their style and technique, for that is growth. (Todd Reifers)

Todd Reifers - From the Importance category:

It is important for the 'spirit' of the painting to be transferred to the viewer. (Todd Reifers)

Todd Reifers - From the Patience category:

I don't have any patience when I paint. I want results. (Todd Reifers)

Todd Reifers - From the Plein-Air category:

If I don't have something in an hour-and-a-half or two hours, the sun is going to change, meaning my shadows are going to change. If I am painting the ocean, the tide is coming or going. (Todd Reifers)