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Ann Manry Kenyon Quotes

Quotes by Ann Manry Kenyon - (3 quotes)

Ann Manry Kenyon - From the Portraiture category:

What a joy it is to capture the likeness of another human being. It has been said that the eyes are the window through which we glimpse the soul. That's my favorite thing to paint – souls! (Ann Manry Kenyon)

Ann Manry Kenyon - From the Practice category:

Often I have lamented how many hours I've labored, the frustrations I have felt as I practiced, practiced, measured, measured, squinted, squinted, compared, compared. How rewarding it is to assimilate it all and feel the resulting joy. (Ann Manry Kenyon)

Ann Manry Kenyon - From the Time category:

Finally, I surfaced and wondered where the time had gone. Had the painting painted itself or had I a hand in it? (Ann Manry Kenyon)