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Mary Erickson Quotes

Quotes by Mary Erickson - (3 quotes)

Mary Erickson - From the Colour category:

The sun rose brilliantly above, reflecting the hues of red, orange, lavender and blue in the pond before me. The viridian shadows changed to lemon yellow and lime green as the light washed the morning and I tried in vain to save a piece of this miracle on canvas. (Mary Erickson)

Mary Erickson - From the Plein-Air category:

After ten days of battling the elements in the Florida heat, the [a veteran studio painter's] response to the question, 'So how do you like painting outdoors?' was, 'I realize now that I prefer painting in Plein-Air Conditioning!' (Mary Erickson)

Mary Erickson - From the Questions category:

What madness makes us think we can replicate the majesty that is? What more frustrating life's work could we possibly have taken on? (Mary Erickson)