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Ernst Haas Quotes

Quotes by Ernst Haas - (36 quotes)

Ernst Haas - From the Artists category:

Through photography, both artist and scientist can find a common denominator in their search for the synthesis of modern vision in time, space and structure. (Ernst Haas)

Ernst Haas - From the Beauty category:

A picture is the expression of an impression. If the beautiful were not in us, how would we ever recognize it? (Ernst Haas)

Ernst Haas - From the Choices category:

Decide for yourself what kind of works you want to create... facts, essays, poems - do you want to speak or to sing? (Ernst Haas)

Ernst Haas - From the Colour category:

Beware of color theories. Theories in color photography are dangerous. The plain fact that there are so many of them proves my point. (Ernst Haas)

Ernst Haas - From the Competition category:

To compete with the painter is not really our destiny; we are on the way to speaking our very own language. (Ernst Haas)

Ernst Haas - From the Doubt category:

Every work of art has its necessity; find out your very own. Ask yourself if you would do it if nobody would ever see it, if you would never be compensated for it, if nobody ever wanted it. If you come to a clear 'yes' in spite of it, then go ahead and don't doubt it anymore. (Ernst Haas)

Ernst Haas - From the Education category:

Learn by doing or even better unlearn by doing. The opposite of what you learned. (Ernst Haas)

Ernst Haas - From the Inspiration category:

Don't park... Arrival is the death of inspiration. (Ernst Haas)

Ernst Haas - From the Interpretation category:

Don't ever over-analyze your results. Don't ever try to find your own secret or the one which you admire. One does not try to catch soap bubbles. One enjoys them in flight and is grateful for their fluid existence. (Ernst Haas)

Ernst Haas - From the Joy category:

Color is joy. One does not think joy. One is carried by it. (Ernst Haas)

Ernst Haas - From the Language category:

We can write the new chapters in a visual language whose prose and poetry will need no translation. (Ernst Haas)

Ernst Haas - From the Methodology category:

There is no formula. There are only confirmations to formulas which one has already discovered oneself. (Ernst Haas)

Ernst Haas - From the Nature category:

Photography is a bridge between science and art. It brings to science what it needs most, the artistic sense, and to art the proof that nothing can be imagined which cannot be matched in the counterpoints of nature. (Ernst Haas)

Ernst Haas - From the Photography category:

The best zoom lens is your legs. (Ernst Haas)

Ernst Haas - From the Photography category:

There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are. (Ernst Haas)

Ernst Haas - From the Poetry category:

In every artist there is poetry. In every human being there is the poetic element. We know, we feel, we believe. (Ernst Haas)

Ernst Haas - From the Possibilities category:

There are almost too many possibilities. Photography is in direct proportion with our time: multiple, faster, instant. Because it is so easy, it will be more difficult. (Ernst Haas)

Ernst Haas - From the Problems category:

We all would love sometimes to be free from our own knowledge. It is even the most difficult to unlearn - as the most important problems are. (Ernst Haas)

Ernst Haas - From the Questions category:

A few words about the question of whether photography is art or not: I never understood the question. (Ernst Haas)

Ernst Haas - From the Questions category:

A picture can be an answer as well as a question but if you can't answer your question try to question your question... There can be questions without answers but no answers without questions. (Ernst Haas)

Ernst Haas - From the Reality category:

The camera only facilitates the taking. The photographer must do the giving in order to transform and transcend ordinary reality. The problem is to transform without deforming. He must gain intensity in form and content by bringing a subjective order into an objective chaos. (Ernst Haas)

Ernst Haas - From the Recognition category:

I prefer to be noticed some day, first for my ideas and second for my good eye... (Ernst Haas)

Ernst Haas - From the Repetition category:

Beware of direct inspiration. It leads too quickly to repetitions of what inspired you. (Ernst Haas)

Ernst Haas - From the Risk category:

I have always felt better taking a risk than an easier route for what I believe in. (Ernst Haas)

Ernst Haas - From the Seeing category:

-About Color Photography,1961...
Bored with obvious reality, I find my fascination in transforming it into a subjective point of view. Without touching my subject I want to come to the moment when, through pure concentration of seeing, the composed picture becomes more made than taken. (Ernst Haas)

Ernst Haas - From the Senses category:

Refine your senses through the great masters of music, painting, and poetry. (Ernst Haas)

Ernst Haas - From the Style category:

Style has no formula, but it has a secret key. It is the extension of your personality. The summation of this indefinable net of your feeling, knowledge and experience. (Ernst Haas)

Ernst Haas - From the Taste category:

Beware of too much taste as it leads to sterility. (Ernst Haas)

Ernst Haas - From the Technology category:

Living in a time of the increasing struggle of the mechanization of man, photography has become another example of this paradoxical problem of how to humanize, how to overcome a machine on which we are thoroughly dependent... the camera... (Ernst Haas)

Ernst Haas - From the Theory category:

I love to read theories without ever using them when working... The paradoxical fact in the aesthetic is that theories are also true in reverse. (Ernst Haas)

Ernst Haas - From the Titles category:

Without a descriptive caption to justify its existence, it will speak for itself - less descriptive, more creative; less informative, more suggestive - less prose, more poetry. (Ernst Haas)

Ernst Haas - From the Universe category: the smallest cells are reflections of the largest. And in photography, through an interplay of scales, a whole universe within a universe can be revealed. (Ernst Haas)

Ernst Haas - From the Vision category:

Only a vision - that is what one must have. (Ernst Haas)

Ernst Haas - From the Words category:

Is photography art?... The pure definition of the word 'art' alone is too vague today to break one's brain and soul about it. Let us take a little vacation from this word. (Ernst Haas)

Ernst Haas - From the Work category:

The artist must express the summation of his feeling, knowing and believing through the unity of his life and work. (Ernst Haas)

Ernst Haas - From the Worth category:

I don't believe so much in the value of a single picture anymore. I don't really photograph for the wall. (Ernst Haas)