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Gwenneth Barth Quotes

Quotes by Gwenneth Barth - (3 quotes)

Gwenneth Barth - From the Pastels category:

As I rarely find the actual colours that I need in the pastel sticks, I build up the hues by using overlapping strokes of different colours... my colours are in fact made up of several others, like a tapestry. (Gwenneth Barth)

Gwenneth Barth - From the Realism category:

The realist painter is always treading a tightrope between two worlds – the conscious mind and its perception of reality. But are these really different worlds? And what exactly is reality? (Gwenneth Barth)

Gwenneth Barth - From the Searching category:

Like many artists, I feel that I'm always looking for something indefinable, something that's always just out of reach. (Gwenneth Barth)