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Ben Heppner Quotes

Quotes by Ben Heppner - (5 quotes)

Ben Heppner - From the Advice category:

It is funny, I don't feel old enough to give advice... But with the advisers you trust, you better listen to them. It may be bad news but that's the only way you're going to improve. (Ben Heppner)

Ben Heppner - From the Future category:

I am looking four years ahead. That should be about right. (Ben Heppner)

Ben Heppner - From the Passion category:

Figure out what you're passionate about. If you're not passionate about something, go find it. Because we do not need more unengaged boring people to inhabit this planet. (Ben Heppner)

Ben Heppner - From the Performance category:

I know some people find the slow songs boring. I have felt that way myself. Lieder is such a high holy art but after all we are trying to entertain people! So I like to add something more amusing to the program, like the Ernest Charles songs. (Ben Heppner)

Ben Heppner - From the Vulnerability category:

I am learning to be more vulnerable and open on stage. This comes with the development of my acting abilities. (Ben Heppner)