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Robert Longo Quotes

Quotes by Robert Longo - (6 quotes)

Robert Longo - From the Aging category:

-on Jean-Michel Basquiat...
Dying young is the easy way out. It's much harder to keep your edge and keep it going. (Robert Longo)

Robert Longo - From the Audience category:

A lot of us grew up in public. That often means that you have to fail in public too. (Robert Longo)

Robert Longo - From the Culture category:

The artist has to be a guardian of the culture. (Robert Longo)

Robert Longo - From the Insecurity category:

You think some of it is really horrible... then you think, I'm never going to make anything this good again. (Robert Longo)

Robert Longo - From the Shock category:

An artist should know art history. Shock value only lasts so long. (Robert Longo)

Robert Longo - From the Success category:

There are no guidelines for what happens when you get successful as an artist. My heroes were artists like Acconci, and he didn't make any money. That's what I thought success was. (Robert Longo)