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Robert Longo Quotes

Quotes by Robert Longo - (17 quotes)

Robert Longo - From the Aging category:

The thing that's interesting as you get older as an artist is that the biggest challenge seems to be: how do you stay relevant? (Robert Longo)

Robert Longo - From the Art category:

Art is a form of understanding like philosophy and science and mathematics are an understanding but the difference is that art has the capacity to hold all these different things. It is the form of understanding that is best suited for the contemporary time. (Robert Longo)

Robert Longo - From the Artists category:

As an artist - I'm sure like most creative people - you have a kind of board of directors that you make your work for. It's a group of people that you have, these friends, and you want to know what they think. In a weird way, you're making the work for them. (Robert Longo)

Robert Longo - From the Audience category:

A lot of us grew up in public. That often means that you have to fail in public too. (Robert Longo)

Robert Longo - From the Copying category:

One of the interesting things I discovered is that in the late 19th century, painters actually had black-and-white copies made of their own paintings. They chose it even over photographs because they knew the photographic medium would distort their work. (Robert Longo)

Robert Longo - From the Culture category:

The artist has to be a guardian of the culture. (Robert Longo)

Robert Longo - From the Drawing category:

It's weird making a drawing of painting. I start to realize that charcoal is this incredibly fragile material. I'm making images of paintings out of dust. (Robert Longo)

Robert Longo - From the Frustration category:

I'm trying to find answers. It can be quite frustrating, but at the same time, I'm never quite satisfied with what I'm doing, so I'm always looking for the next thing. (Robert Longo)

Robert Longo - From the Influence category:

I've been dealing with epic images, and I realized all of a sudden that I grew up in the age of epics. (Robert Longo)

Robert Longo - From the Insecurity category:

You think some of it is really horrible... then you think, I'm never going to make anything this good again. (Robert Longo)

Robert Longo - From the Limitations category:

I do have great respect for painting, but I am definitely not a painter. I make drawings of paintings, and I'm jealous of painting for sure, but, for me, the paper gives my work a limit. (Robert Longo)

Robert Longo - From the Recognition category:

If you're fortunate enough with your history, like with Men in the Cities, your work becomes so absorbed in culture that the authorship of it doesn't exist anymore. (Robert Longo)

Robert Longo - From the Shock category:

An artist should know art history. Shock value only lasts so long. (Robert Longo)

Robert Longo - From the Spectator category:

An artist can have an intention, but the viewer has their own subjective experience. (Robert Longo)

Robert Longo - From the Subject category:

I find that all these subjects that I'm dealing with tend to lead me to religion and politics one way or another. It's not something that I necessarily want to address, but it seems like it's screaming at me to pay attention to it. (Robert Longo)

Robert Longo - From the Success category:

There are no guidelines for what happens when you get successful as an artist. My heroes were artists like Acconci, and he didn't make any money. That's what I thought success was. (Robert Longo)

Robert Longo - From the Understanding category:

When I look back on everything I've done, it all somehow makes sense to me. But it doesn't make sense when you're actually doing it. (Robert Longo)