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Walter Sickert Quotes

Quotes by Walter Sickert - (3 quotes)

Walter Sickert - From the Criticism category:

Cezanne was fated, as his passion was immense, to be immensely neglected, immensely misunderstood, and now, I think, immensely overrated. (Walter Sickert)

Walter Sickert - From the Importance category:

Perhaps the importance that we must attach to the achievement of an artist or a group of artists may properly be measured by the answer to the following question: Have they so wrought that it will be impossible henceforth, for those who follow, ever again to act as if they had not existed? (Walter Sickert)

Walter Sickert - From the Painting category:

On a series of apparently tiresome, flat sittings seeming to lead nowhere – one day something happens, the touches seem to 'take', the deaf canvas listens, your words flow and you have done something. (Walter Sickert)